She brings Positivity, humor and much knowledge to the team

Anonymous, Employee

Donna Sanderson from the Preadmissions Unit at Bronson Methodist Hospital takes great pride in the department and in Bronson. She is very engaged and committed to always do what’s best for patients and families, along with the staff. She is an informal leader within the department:

  • She communicates with anesthesia and our manager when we are having problems or have concerns.
  • She writes up Huddle notes and sends them out to all the staff.
  • She works with the OpTime EPIC team on a regular basis in order to try and make our documentation more efficient – most recently trialing the new EPIC platform and stopping the use of Procedure Pass.
  • She is the one that works on our staffing, putting new sign up sheets out and helping to move staff around to even out numbers on the schedules.
  • She participates in all of the department projects, most recently being in charge of our office move from the Atriums to the Keyser Insurance Building downtown. She was the person who worked with the Bronson facility staff in order to make a smooth transition to our new offices, sometimes coming in on her day off in order to do this.

Donna has an extremely positive attitude. She consistently comments about how much she loves her job and the people she works with, along with what a difference we all make in a patient’s life – keeping them safe. She brings much humor into the workplace. She always recognizes a job well done and goes out of her way to recognize her peers by thanking us. She is also the one that frequently will bring areas of improvement to us – either individually or as a group. And when she lets you know about an area that you can improve in, she has a way of presenting the issue in non-threatening manner, so that you can discuss the situation with her and learn from it. She is the main “go-to” person in the department as changes are being made – having great communication skills. Always willing to answer questions and then uses our questions to help all of us improve – knowing that if one of us has a question, probably there are others with the same or similar question. Donna has worked at Bronson for many years and would be a great recipient of the pride award.