She brings joy and passion to the workplace and is wonderful to work with.

Anonymous, Employee

Although a novice nurse, Danielle LaFrance presents herself in patient rooms as though she has been caring for patients for years. One example was the care she gave to a patient who is well known to Bronson Battle Creek. Things were not going exactly how the patient wanted them to go and behaviors and volume started to escalate. Danielle’s calm presence and ability to see past behaviors helped to de-escalate a delicate situation. In high-stress situations, she is able to see beyond how someone is presenting themselves and get to the core of the issue. She seeks first to understand.

Danielle is also involved in process improvement initiatives on the neurovascular unit. We were having issues with unclamped IV piggybacks. Danielle gave input into the content of the job aid and was involved in the design and flow of the information contained on the job aid. Through education and the use of the job aid, it has been over 125 days since we’ve had any issues.

Danielle is also one of preceptors on our unit. She does an exceptional job with our Externs and they request to be assigned to her schedule. She is instrumental in their growth and learning. She seeks out new experiences for her orientees to insure they are getting exposure to equipment, procedures, and varied patient types.

Danielle is connected with the BBC community as evidenced by her involvement in the Corporate Cup. She has been part of the swimming and running events, contributing to our recent championship run. As a side note, Danielle participated and completed the Chicago Marathon this last year- super proud moment for her C2 family.

She brings joy and passion to the workplace and is wonderful to work with.

Danielle LaFrance is a nurse on the neurovascular unit at Bronson Battle Creek Hospital. She is the recipient of the 2018 Rising Star Award, and was recognized during the 2019 Nursing Excellence Celebration.