She advocates for patients and works to ensure they experience the best outcomes possible

Anonymous, Employee

Bethany is one of the senior nurses on my weekend shift and while she isn’t in a formal leadership role, she is a leader to everyone on nightshift in Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU). Bethany is a role model and exceptional resource for all the nurses on our unit. She is someone who never talks down to you, is easy to approach, and almost always has the answers to the questions we need help with. If she doesn’t know the answer she will steer you to a resource and learn alongside you. Bethany is the epitome of team-work as she always jumps in and helps without being asked. This helps support the team during busy nights and staff get out on time. She is a patient advocate and always steps up to ensure the patient has the correct plan of care, not just the easy option. Our unit has many new nurses on night-shift, and she has precepted almost all of us at least once during orientation. She is quick to advocate for her patients and works hard to ensure they experience the best outcomes possible. Bethany is caring, responsible, ethical and respectful. If I or a family member were in the hospital and sick enough to earn a room in the MICU, I would hope that Bethany would be one of the nurses providing care. She is an asset to Bronson and every patient she encounters. I am lucky to be her coworker and now her friend.

Bethany Werme is a nurse on the Medical Intensive Care Unit at Bronson Methodist Hospital. She is the recipient of the 2018 Nursing Leadership Award, and was recognized during the 2019 Nursing Excellence Celebration.