Saying yes to the vaccine is the easiest “yes” I’ve ever said.

Jennifer Dykstra, NP, Provider

Today… I got my covid vaccine. And I feel…. a lot. A lot of everything.

I feel grateful. Grateful that I’m healthy. Grateful I work for an employer that has the vaccine as an option. Grateful to be on the short list for the first round. Grateful I can do more to keep my family, patients, and community safe… Grateful that I can continue to care for high risk patients and be a part of their lives. I will do everything I can to keep them safe and healthy.
I feel aware. Aware of my privilege. Aware that a vaccine for me means someone else waits longer. Aware of the heaviness of the responsibility to educate, encourage and share my story, to maybe help someone not be so fearful.

I feel proud. I feel proud to be part of this scientific and medical community that has been working so hard, on all fronts, to save lives. I feel proud to live in the community where Pfizer is making the vaccine. I feel proud to be part of history.

But mostly I feel hope. Just a flicker. But most definitely, hope. For the first time in… too long. I feel hope that my kids will be able to return to school and friends and activities they love, after all we have asked of them this year. Hope that I will be able to see my parents in real life; that I won’t have to worry about my 65-year-old teacher dad and what he might be exposed to at work and might what he might be bringing home to my mom with cancer. Hope that I won’t have to see so many patients die. Hope that jobs will be restored and our community can heal. I feel hope that the things I have taken for granted in my life, real live relationships with real live people (not zoom), are going to come back. This is the beginning of the end.

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