Would I recommend them? You’re darn right!

Ron Hanna, Patient

Ron Hanna is no stranger to hospitals. Chronic arthritis runs in his family. Over the years, he’s had surgeries at multiple hospitals to repair his left hip, spine and both knees. When the 77-year-old retiree needed his right hip replaced, all of his friends recommended Bronson Battle Creek.

Orthopedic Surgeon Joseph Burkhardt came highly recommended for a reason. An esteemed joint reconstruction fellowship at the Florida Knee and Orthopedic Center prepared him to perform thousands of joint replacements throughout the past decade. He has a passion for the mechanics and materials used in implants, and he appreciates how important they are to a patient’s outcome. That’s why he has adopted the mini incision technique for the anterolateral approach, a more direct procedure for hip replacements.

The anterolateral approach has gained much respect in the field of orthopedics. Dr. Burkhardt has perfected the mini incision technique for anterolateral approach in total hip arthoplasty. It differs from the traditional anterolateral approach. The mini incision results in less tissue damage, and decreased dislocation, giving the patient inherent stability. This can result in less time under anesthesia, far less pain, fewer movement restrictions, reduced dislocation, a smaller incision and a speedier recovery.

“It’s a good, reliable approach that has a predictable outcome,” explained Dr. Burkhardt. “It’s great to help somebody who is so miserable, making them so much better in just a four-week span. The pain relief is pretty instantaneous in most cases.

”Dr. Burkhardt and the Bronson Battle Creek orthopedics team takes pride in providing great experiences for their patients. “When you get your joint replacement here, it’s a comprehensive approach,” explained Dr. Burkhardt. “From when you walk in to when you walk out, everybody along the way knows what they’re supposed to do. We’re a well-oiled machine.”

Ron is thrilled with the results of his anterolateral approach hip replacement and his quick recovery. He was back on the golf course and turning wood on his lathe just three weeks after his surgery. “I’ve been so happy! If this were 50 years ago, I would have already been in a wheelchair because of my arthritis.”

Ron has seen his share of hospitals, and he’s amazed by the quality care he received from everyone at Bronson Battle Creek. “My experience here has been wonderful! I can’t remember any other hospital making me feel like I was the only patient they had. I’m grateful for Dr. Burkhardt and his skills. Would I recommend them? You’re darn right! God willing, I won’t need surgery for a while, but if I had to have surgery again, I would choose Bronson Battle Creek.”

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