Refresher courses educational and supportive

Melissa Visser, PA-C, Employee

As a way to transform the patient and provider experience, some providers choose to take courses at Bronson. Melissa Visser, PA-C, a physician assistant at Bronson Internal Medicine – W. Centre Ave., recently completed the Foundations of Healthcare Communication course that is designed to develop and strengthen relationship-centered communication skills and improve the experience for both provider and patent. After completing this course, she also completed two advanced follow up courses. The first course, Patients with Pain, is designed to help patients and providers describe the impact of pain, identify the common challenges of managing pain and developing a collaborative treatment plan. The second course, Delivering Bad News, is designed to help providers understand how much information patients want in regards to getting bad news, how they want it delivered and ways to show empathy after the news is delivered.

“I have gone to all three communication classes and find them very helpful and I would also be open to refresher courses or new courses in the future,” says Melissa. “I used to work in an oncology practice and felt I was well versed at delivering bad news but found this was different for me in my internal medicine practice. I found that course very helpful with my comfort in discussing difficult issues with my patients. I have also had some challenging situations with pain control patients lately and found the class at least refreshed me in an area that I was finding I was starting to become frustrated with at work. I feel I am much more equipped to have these challenging pain discussions now. Throughout the courses, I enjoyed being in a room with different providers who often have similar issues like I do; I found that surprising yet comforting and all employee support was very helpful throughout all the classes. I have recommended to my other partners and I will continue to do so.”

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