Reducing our environmental footprint impacts the entire community

Mark Allen, Employee

Bronson Battle Creek Hospital has been working with SEMCO Energy (our natural gas provider) and Efficiency United (energy efficiency group) on projects to help reduce our energy consumption and energy efficient upgrades while ensuring our patients continue to receive the highest level of care.

Thanks to our collaborative efforts, Bronson Battle Creek recently received a $14,937.13 rebate for the energy efficiency upgrades that resulted from the installation of a reverse osmosis water system. This system provides pure water to boilers, reducing the use of chemicals and water needed to keep the boilers clean. The new system is also saving us around 5% annually in natural gas usage!

Having the opportunity for our facilities team to partner closely with companies like SEMCO and Efficiency United allows us to reduce our environmental footprint and save money. This impacts the sustainability of the entire Battle Creek community and also allows our healthcare system to invest savings back into additional healthcare services, so we can provide the right care at the right time.

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