Getting his opinion would help us to finally determine a diagnosis

Rebecca DeLoof, Patient

Rebecca DeLoof is one tough lady.  Over the past two years she has faced numerous health issues, learned to live with a debilitating disease and survived a tornado that nearly destroyed her house.  Through all of her trials Rebecca never gave up.  That’s why she turned to the cancer experts at Bronson Battle Creek when she needed answers about her health.  With the help of Jeffrey Letzer, DO, and the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center, Rebecca was finally able to receive an accurate diagnosis for her ongoing health issues and get the treatment she needed.

Rebecca’s health problems began in July of 2010, when she suffered a heart attack.  She was rushed to another area hospital where she had surgery and received treatment. “Things went downhill from there,” she states.  “I just kept feeling worse. The doctors at the facility couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me.  Every time they thought they had an answer it was a dead-end.  This went on for months.”

In March Rebecca suffered from a strangulated hernia and was rushed back to the same facility.  She coded during the surgery and went into a 30-day coma.  When she woke up, the facility decided that she needed more advanced care. They transferred her to the Select Specialty Hospital at Bronson Battle Creek. “I was one of the first patients to be treated in the specialty hospital,” Rebecca recalls.  “They had to teach me how to walk again, how to talk, how to do everything.”

Rebecca made great progress at the specialty hospital but her health problems continued.  “At this point my family asked to have a consultation with Dr. Letzer from the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center,” Rebecca explains. “My family had heard wonderful things about Dr. Letzer.  They felt that getting his opinion would help us to finally determine a diagnosis.”

Jeffrey Letzer, DO, is board certified in both Medical Oncology and Hematology, the study of blood diseases.  He has advanced training and experience with blood cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma.