RAPID allows us to bring more people back to their families

Dr. Martinson Arnan, vascular neurologist

Time is crucial when someone suffers a stroke. The faster a patient can be treated, the better the outcome. But it’s not always clear when a patient arrives at a hospital how long it’s been since the stroke occurred. Was it two hours ago? Five hours ago? Traditionally, treatment options close as time approaches the six-hour mark.

Now, doctors at Bronson’s Comprehensive Stroke Center at Bronson Methodist Hospital have a potentially lifesaving new tool available for patients who are having a stroke. That technology was purchased thanks to funding through the Bronson Health Foundation’s Robert A. Fabi, MD, Neurosciences Fund.

It’s called RAPID technology and it opens up more treatment opportunities for patients even if the time the stroke began is unknown.

“RAPID tells us the amount of brain that is about to die, but still can potentially be saved,” explains Dr. Martinson Arnan, vascular neurologist and medical director of stroke at Bronson. “We can now see if it is still safe to take the clot out that caused the stroke and it allows us to help patients who may be beyond the six-hour window.

“Strokes can have a devastating impact. RAPID allows us to be able to bring more people back to their families, their work and back to a meaningful life in our community,” adds Dr. Arnan. “The Foundation’s support has gone a long way to make a difference in many lives in southwest Michigan.”

To learn how you can make a gift to support important programs, services and technology like RAPID, visit the Bronson Health Foundation website, bronsonfoundation.com

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