RA no longer rules my life

Nicole Starbuck-Schnelle, Patient

I’ve suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for several years.  When transferring care from a move to Kalamazoo from out of state, I became a patient of Dr. Fadi Ajine with a Bronson Rheumatology Specialists.  After seeing several rheumatologists prior to my move, I’m no stranger to the autoimmune world and have been treated by several providers due to prior moves.  I have been very happy with Dr. Ajine’s approach to my treatment and thorough manner in which he conducts his appointments and follow up correspondence.  After periods of time during which I could not even do things like brush my hair, button buttons, or take care of things around my home, Dr. Ajine has helped me restore function and live my life as normally as I could before developing a nasty case of RA.  I’m thankful for his approach and attentiveness and am happy to have him as my rheumatologist.  RA no longer rules my life.