Quite the take charge nurse you have there Bronson!

Alicia Trumps, Family Member

Well tonight was quite the night for my family. We came in to Portage from Vicksburg, because my daughters pediatrician wanted to evaluate her for a possible UTI. Susie is 10 months old, so to say adhering a collection bag to her little self was difficult would be an understatement. But her regular pediatrician handled it very well, and he sent us to Bronson in hope that that would lee on the way and make the trip worthwhile. So upon arrival we checked and SUCCESS! SHE WENT! It was then in the ER parking lot that the realization dawned…. how was I supposed to remove the bag and pour it into the little collection thingy? I grabbed my baby, and assessed the situation with my Mother In Law. We quickly came to the conclusion that this was not a situation we were capable of dealing with and sought reinforcements… lest we spill our precious sample trying to keep that bag of a wiggly baby… in the ER Parking lot. Right when we walked in Stephanie and her co workers greeted us very warmly and listened while we explained the conundrum of Miss Susie and her Bag o’ pee. Stephanie very kindly and discreetly pulled us into another area, and had Susie free of the bag and the sample on its way to lab before I knew it. Quite the take charge nurse you have there Bronson! Thank you Stephanie!!!

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