Quality of service is right on par with those at Cleveland

Aaron, Patient

Wednesday February 26, 2014
Vicki is an outstanding clerk at the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Center reception desk for a number of reasons. She greeted this first time patient with a smile and immediately I felt at ease. She explained the steps she would be following before beginning the registration process. She also explained where water and beverages were available.

An explanation of each form was given before showing where it needed to be signed. Then she explained a nurse would call my name from the waiting area and would take me to a room for obtaining vital signs and that the doctor would meet with me in the same room.

Before we left the doctor said that he had some instructions for Vicki necessary to set up future tests and appointments. He told us to return to the waiting room and Vicki would call me. The doctor’s instructions were somewhat involved and Vicki took the time to make the appointments convenient as possible. Blood work had been ordered and she left her desk to take me to the lab.

Since I have been to Cleveland Clinic over a five year period, I can speak with authority that Vicki’s quality of service is right on par with those at Cleveland.

I complimented Vicki in the presence of Sara, lead nurse, and both Vicki and Sara were very appreciative.

I did not learn the name of the lab technician that drew my blood on this same Wednesday afternoon. Her technique was excellent as I hardly felt the needle. She earns my praise also.