Proud to work for Bronson

Stephanie, Patient

I had surgery on 7/6/15. Dr. Weaver was awesome, and he has been since I met him back in January. He did a great job and I’m happy he was my surgeon. All the rest of the OR crew were great. From pre op to recovery everyone was so nice and compassionate. The chaplain that prayed with me eased so much of my fear. I can’t remember his name and I wish I did. His prayer was amazing! There’s one nurse in the OR that sticks out in my mind. I believe her name was Jessica. She held my hand and explained to me everything everyone was doing in the room. I really appreciated her doing that, she could probably tell I needed comfort!

I was taken up to room 207 for a couple days and again, every staff member I interacted with were incredible. Nurses, PCA’s, housekeeping, food service, and another chaplain. All of them made my stay as easy as possible. My friend Rachel text me the names of my nurses and PCA’s so I could express my appreciation, hopefully we got the names right! I would like to thank Deb, Kathy, Meagan, Gwen, Tanya, Cathy, Alyssa and Amanda. All of you rocked! If I missed anyone or got names wrong, I’m sorry! Had a lot of meds in me. 🙂 I’m proud to work for Bronson and I tell all my friends and family to go there if they need it.