Proud to celebrate 15 years at Bronson!

Jennifer, Employee

On April 30, I celebrated 15 years (43% of my life) with Bronson. When I graduated from nursing school I was told that my generation would probably only stay in my position for two years. I can see how this could be true for some, but I want to share why I have been with one organization for so long.

1. I feel valued.
2. It’s rare that I have an issue but any time I have, I have talked with someone and felt heard.
3. There are opportunities for personal and professional growth.
4. My work like balance is respected.
5. I am challenged daily.
6. I enjoy what I do.

That’s it. No magic formula. I am one proud Bronson nurse!

When I started at Bronson, I was a Nurse Extern. In that role, I learned what it meant to be a nurse, and it was absolutely amazing. I worked in the OB unit, so I worked with moms and babies after birth and I learned a lot during that time.

After I graduated, I was offered a Registered Nurse position in the Pediatric Unit. I participated in the RN Residency Program. My team helped me study for boards and helped me transition into a full-time Licensed Registered Nurse.

I worked five years as a staff nurse on the Pediatric Unit, serving as a Preceptor for new nurses. This gave me the opportunity to learn about different learning styles and my teaching style. As a preceptor I was told by my orienteers and management team that I should consider going back to school to teach. I decided to enroll in a master’s program for nursing education. Right around the time I graduated with my master’s degree, the Nurse Educator position on the Pediatric Unit opened up. I was hired into this new role, where I worked for five more years. That was an amazing opportunity! During this time, I grew and matured professionally and personally.

Next on my career path, I was offered the Staff Development Specialist role. This is the role I am currently in today. My main duties include coordinating the RN Residency Program, Nurse Extern Program and Clinical Orientation for clinical staff throughout Bronson.

I appreciate the support I receive from the organization, my management team and the system as a whole. Our team is supportive of one another, encouraging and motivating one another and working together to provide the best care to our community. Our staff celebrate one another, both professionally and personally. Whether it’s a colleague receiving their doctorate, celebrating a birthday, or getting married and having children, we recognize the exciting milestones in each other’s lives. The team here understands that in order for employees to come to work and do their best, they need to be happy and healthy in all areas of life.

I feel valued by Bronson and my leadership team. My input is respected and when I ask questions I feel that people genuinely want to help me be successful. I meet with my manager regularly. We discuss my goals, what I am currently working on, ways I can improve, and how management can best support me.

I am motivated to come to work each day because of the impact my job has on the community. I was born and raised here in Michigan and most of my family and friends live here. Every decision I make impacts my community in some way, so I believe that whatever I am doing or teaching needs to reflect positivity. I have stayed with Bronson for so long because the organization cares for our patients as if they were our family, because to us, our community is family.

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