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Rebecca, Employee

Photo of Rebecca Mills, Certified Nursing Assistant at Bronson LakeView Hospital in Paw Paw Michigan.

in 1979, I started my healthcare career at LakeView Hospital. This was before it was a part of Bronson. My husband also worked here at that time. When I left nine years later in 1987, I went on to work in various other healthcare settings. However, I always knew I wanted to come back to (Bronson) LakeView Hospital – and I did! Since coming back this second time, I have worked in different areas of the Bronson system. Currently I work as a CNA in the behavioral health unit at Bronson LakeView Hospital.

I truly love working for Bronson. It feels like home to me. What I love most about the behavioral health unit in particular is the interactions I get to have every day – both with my team and with my patients. Our team works together really well. There is always someone who has an answer to your questions – one of our nurses has been here for around 26 years! If I need to spend a little extra time sitting with a patient, someone will make sure my other tasks get done. Also, unit leadership is always available and willing to listen.

When COVID started back in 2020, I was working at Bronson Commons. About a year ago, I transitioned to my current role at Bronson LakeView. At both locations, and of course across the entire system, COVID took a toll on so many of us. I keep myself going by remembering what I am here for … our patients. We as healthcare workers have to be strong for them, because they are the reason we are in this career. Having teammates to lean on and who understand the struggles we are all going through helps. Recently, everyone across the Bronson system also got a 6% pay raise. Personally, I don’t do this job just for the money, but it was a really nice recognition and was incredibly appreciated, especially after all we have endured these past few years.

Bronson is such a big part of our community. I am so proud to be a part of this organization!

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