Proud to be an employee of this hospital

Heather A Morris, Employee

Recently, I experienced a series of headaches lasting one week. Each day was worse than the day before. As a nurse, I tend to wait longer thinking it will go away, or it’s something simple. I took ibuprofen and Tylenol around the clock with minimal relief. On the 7th day I was in so much pain, my husband insisted we go get checked. I paged the doc. The doc insisted I go get checked. I went to Bronson Urgent Care on beckley road. They took me back immediately. The nurse I saw (don’t remember her name. She worse glasses, brown hair. I got there at 7:45pm on Friday, August 7, 2015) was exceptional. There are no words to describe how comforted and well cared for I felt in just a 10 minute meet with her. She insisted I go to ER (groan). She hugged me, she gave me tissues. She could tell immediately I was under-reporting the pain and told me to accurately describe my pain to the ER so they could treat me. So, off I went to the ER at Bronson Battle Creek. After a relatively short wait, I was shown to an exam room. Doc Lendzion came to examine me, asking me multiple questions, but simultaneously comforting me and making me at ease. My blood pressure went from 169/95 to 1348/81 in this short time. He explained what he wanted to do and Jenny, RN came in to start an Iv. Such a pleasant nurse! She chatted with me, doing her various tasks as well, but treating me as a person, not a symptom. How thankful I was for her! When I left the ER that evening, I walked out proud to be an employee of this hospital, and a coworker of these fabulous providers!!