Project SEARCH has helped me immensely.

Brittany, Employee

I’ve been an intern for Project SEARCH at Bronson since September 2017. I just finished high school and Project SEARCH gave me the work experience I needed to  get me where I am today. I feel proud working here at Bronson of how everyone is family-oriented. They are very close and friendly, it’s a happy atmosphere to work in.

I really like my Project SEARCH instructors and they are very helpful towards everything we are working on. They have given me a lot of support along the way. They help us with interviewing questions, how to dress, what things employers are looking for in different jobs and helping you improve your resume.

I love working in medical staff services. I help sort folders and I really enjoy working there. I’ve also worked in the orthopedic offices to collect and help deliver the mail to each office. Delivering the mail was important because sometimes they had medical information they needed for patients. I felt important because I was giving back to the patients and making sure they get what they needed.

My instructors have helped me immensely get to this point. I got the help I needed in this program and I now have a direction to go in. If I had not been in Project SEARCH, I would not have gotten this far. Project SEARCH has helped me immensely.