A huge thank you to you Dr. Kerschner

Tim Jones , Patient

I would like to personally thank Dr. Mark Kerschner for the excellent service and evaluation. I was brought in by ambulance with severe back pain that had been going on for a week. I got to a point where my lower back would spasm up at any little movement to a point that brought me to tears. Dr. Kerschner was very methodical in getting my past history with this issue. I have had past issues with back pain but not even close to this degree of pain. He listened to me and very quickly was able to troubleshoot and come up with a treatment. I had visions of spending the Christmas holiday at the hospital with all the pain I was in. My work requires me to troubleshoot problem situations with mechanical equipment and I know how good communication is needed to solve an issue. Dr. Kerschner was very professional and knew exactly what to ask to solve my issue.
Today I am almost pain-free and well on my way to full recovery in less than 24hrs.
A huge thank you to you Dr. Kerschner for doing what you do so well. Merry Christmas to all.

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