Positive improvements in care delivery by our BirthPlace team

Jim McKernan, Employee

Today we recognize our team in the Bronson Battle Creek BirthPlace for accountability, problem solving and building trusting partnerships.

Recently completed patient ambassador rounds tell a great story about the positive improvements in care delivery by our BirthPlace team. Scoring from two dozen rounds delivered the following results: 100% YES on fully utilized communication boards; 100% TOP SCORE on staff attending to patient needs; and 98% YES on allowing you to rest while at BBC. Great job!

In addition to the above, this ongoing improvement was recently recognized when our BBC Birth Center team won the Michigan Hospital Award for improvement in maternity care.

Congratulations to the BBC BirthPlace team for delivering exceptional care experiences! And thanks to staff across the organization for daily attention to our vision of an exceptional healthcare experience for every person, every time.

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