Please let her know that kindness will never be forgotten

Leisha Patton, Family Member

As a parent of a suicidal child I, Leisha Patton, wanted to take a few minutes to express kindness that was given to me at Bronson Battle Creek Hospital.

Please, Bronson, let this special kindhearted worker be acknowledged. I hope and pray that my wishes are granted. Please inform Demetra Lafayette, Patient Access Rep. Please let her know that kindness will never be forgotten. I will share about the kindness she gave to me that made me realize that we still have a great local hospital here in our own city.

As my child was going through the channels of being admitted, I was going through my own emotional struggle. I was numb and worried about other kids and family outside the hospital. I didn’t eat and Demetra remembered the hour I arrived. From when she first saw me on 2/22/20 until she arrived back to work the next day, 2/23/20, she greeted me with a smile she told she got me warm blankets. Most of all she took me down to cafeteria and bought my dinner and listened to my feelings. Thank you.

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