They went above and beyond to make my 11-day stay there more pleasant

Danica Shier, Patient

I came into the ER in November, due to an unknown reason after falling and passing out. I was to be admitted the next day due to my throat swelling, unable to drink or eat without choking, and weakened muscles. While in the ER, I went into respiratory failure. I had to be incubated and sent to the ICU unit. I don’t remember much while I was there for 4 days, except waking up when my tube was being taken out. A very kind nurse named Esther was there to help me, she even did my hair for me. I was transferred the next day to the surgical unit, where I was still under a lot of medications, so I don’t remember all of the nurses’ names, unfortunately. The ones I do remember that stand out to me, were Hannah, Maggie, Chloe, Ali, and Moriah. They went above and beyond to make my 11-day stay there more pleasant. Hannah was there when I wanted to leave after having an episode of delusions from the meds and not being able to sleep. She saved my life. If I had gone home that day, I would have died. Also, to Dr. Corey Homan, who is now at Bronson Battle Creek . He convinced me to stay another day, to repeat a previous swallow study test. The next day, I had a g-tube placed, and I’m not able to eat or drink by mouth until further testing is done. Special thanks to Katelyn in speech therapy, who during that swallow study saw right away that the food was going directly to my lungs. Without the medical staff that helped me during my stay, I wouldn’t be celebrating Christmas with my family. I may not still have a complete diagnosis, but the doctors at Bronson are working hard to find one.

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