Dr. Stephens did an AMAZING job of reconstructing my son’s face

Traci Prelwitz, Family Member

June 18 was a scary day for our family. My husband and I received a call at 10:30 pm that our 18-year-old son had been in a traffic accident. My husband went to the scene of the accident not knowing how seriously our son had been hurt. He arrived to find that my son had smashed his face very hard and, in the accident, had a hole in his face where the bridge of his nose used to be, and his s septum and nose were crushed over to one side. My husband called me to alert me that our son was in an ambulance on the way to the hospital and that I should meet him there. My husband and I were in the ER with our son, wondering what was in store for our son’s future. Dr. Alan Stephens, Bronson Plastic Surgery Specialists, came very quickly (I can only assume we got him out of bed) and arrived at the hospital. After cat scans, my son was being wheeled into surgery at about 1:30 am that very same night. Dr. Stephens did an AMAZING job of reconstructing my son’s face. I was nervous that my son would look very different after healing from such a traumatic facial injury but other than a light pink scar across the bridge of my son’s nose (which he couldn’t care less about) he looks JUST the same as before! Our same handsome son! Thank you, Dr. Stephens, we are so grateful to you for quite literally giving our son his face back. I can never thank you enough! The picture I included is my son just 5 weeks after his accident.