Perfect might be a better word

Bill Elliott, Patient

Dr. Lucas was recommended to me by Dr. Gatz, my family doctor. I went thru all the tests. The biopsy did not turn out good. When Dr. Lucas walking into the room you knew right away that it was not good. He informed us that I had a very aggressive cancer and that we needed to have surgery as soon as possible. I asked him how much time he thought I had. He said, “Maybe 15 months, maybe 15 years. I don’t know.” I’m going on six years and my last PSA test was all 0s. My last visit Dr. Lucas walked into the little waiting room with a smile. He really didn’t need to say a word but he told me that all the tests came out good. Perfect might be a better word. I asked him if he felt proud. He shook his head yes and smiled again. I would like to thank every one at Bronson again. God Bless you all and a special prayer for the Lucas family.