Major kudos to the Pediatric Sedation team

Kendra Knecht, Family Member

Major kudos to the Pediatric Sedation team!  My 1 year old daughter had to have an MRI that required sedation.  This was a very scary experience for my husband and I.  Kristen, RN was amazing during the scheduling experience and additional times I called her.  She was always kind & patient.  It was great to meet her the day of the test.  Kristie, RN was excellent with how she not only handled my daughter but my emotions as well.  Dr. Van Heukelom was very comforting.  I really appreciate how this team manages their patients & their families.  Even with all my anxiety, there was enough comfort provided in how the team handled my Daughter to allow me to breathe easier.  Thank you for all you do – you make a difference!

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