His face lit up

Alaina Cowles, Employee

Dennis, an Indiana resident, was in South Haven when he got in a car accident. He was immediately taken to the Bronson South Haven emergency department, then transferred to the Bronson Methodist Hospital trauma care unit (TCU). While staying on the unit, he talked to several staff members about how he is a lifelong piano player. In fact, he was in South Haven to play an event at the Yacht Club. He worked for Yamaha for 30 years, and now plays for nursing homes, restaurants, etc. – including an annual summertime gig in Saugatuck.

After a few days in the hospital, we could tell Dennis needed a morale boost. So, myself and Anthony Saltarelli from TCU reached out to Nick Grambau (volunteer services), Mark Witteveen (pastoral care) and Nancy Radcliff (The Bronson Experience). We wanted to try and borrow one of the pianos from the hospital.

Dennis’ face lit up when the team rolled the piano into his room. He played several songs, including some holiday favorites. Not only was it special for Dennis, but it was a treat for the TCU staff, too. It was quite a sight and a true feel-good moment. Even some staff on the ortho-surgical unit (OSU) stopped by because they could hear the music down the hall!