“Participating in the Run Walk, we get to honor my mom and something she believed in.”

Priscilla Lobretto, Employee

My mom, Norma, volunteered for Bronson for over 10 years. She had many roles, but her favorite was in the NICU as a baby rocker.

She just plain loved children and she really had an eye and the love for those babies. NICU babies come into the world not fully grown, they might have family challenges, and she really found it was a place where she could pour out her love where it was most needed. My mom felt like the NICU was a place where she could be a constant for those babies who had families who weren’t there, or couldn’t be there. Mom came as much as possible to make sure that those babies got as much love as they needed.

We lost my mom in April of 2015, a few months before her 80th birthday, which would have been in September that year. Losing her was extremely difficult, but we quickly found several ways to honor her and her passions. When she passed, we had all donations go toward the Bronson Health Foundation that supports Bronson Children’s Hospital.

On top of that, several family members and friends participate in the Bronson Children’s Hospital 5K Run Walk every year. With it being in September, it is a way we can celebrate her, her birthday, and do something that she loved – supporting children who need it most. Now, three years later, it continues to be a family tradition. Norma’s Tigers, our team name, always has a really great turnout, and I think that just really goes to show the love that my mom sewed for everyone she knew.

Participating in the Run Walk, we get to honor my mom and something she believed in. Children don’t ask to be sick, to be born early. They’re so innocent, and they need that help and extra love. This gives each of us a way that we can give back to the children, and it gives all of us an excuse to do something positive together every year. Everyone gets busy, tied up, but everyone makes a point to do this every year. What more Positivity can you have in that?

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