Participating as a vendor at the BAC’s Athletes & Artisans event was a great opportunity to grow my business and chat with members and friends!

Dina Hadley, Community Member

In April, I was able to be a part of Bronson Athletic Club’s Athletes & Artisans event. I was really excited that the club reached out to me to participate as a vendor for the second year. As a vendor, strictly for business purposes, it’s a great sale event because there are no booth and/or registration fees.  Every sale is 100% profit for me. This event, and all of the BAC’s fitness festivals, is always upbeat and fun to attend. It’s fun getting to meet all the different vendors .. getting to see what people are interested in and what they are making.  I’ve made some new contacts – even had someone commission a piece – and sold work to the other vendors. And of course, I shop too!!  The most current sale was the best one yet as far as sales go. I hope that the club has more fitness festivals in the future! It’s fun to attend as a vendor, and I know members appreciate getting to try new classes, talk with trainers and do some shopping – all at the same time!