Our winter farmers market was born out of a community need, and seeing it’s growth over the years is amazing!

Grant Fletcher, Employee

One of the many ways we at Bronson are committed to advancing the health of our communities is by ensuring access to healthy food. Nearly 10 years ago, we found ourselves in a conversation with some local community members who are really in to the food scene. They were telling us about the need for a farmers market during the winter months, as  vendors didn’t have an official home base to sell their products while the Kalamazoo Farmers Market was closed. In fact, at the time, some of the summer market vendors were setting up mini stands in their cars outside the Kalamazoo Farmers Market so that community members could continue to purchase the local food while the market was closed.

We felt like opening our doors for these vendors was an opportunity that aligned with our mission and goals. And since the hospital has the physical space to host the market, and we’re located in a convenient area of downtown, we gave it a go! Since the first market started, we have grown so much. We’ve more than doubled shoppers at each of the market, and given our employees, patients and community members a place to find fresh, healthy produce, and also support local farmers.

Also, this year we were really proud to finally get SNAP approved. So now in addition to shoppers being able to pay with cash or credit .. and employees can pay with their employee badges .. we can also accept bridge cards! It is really exciting to see the hard work of our teams pay off, and also see the positive impact it has on both our vendors and community!!