Our team is top notch!

Frank , Employee

I have been working as a physical therapist at Bronson South Haven for six years. I can honestly say that our team is top notch! We have a combination of experienced therapists – some who even teach at local universities – as well as more novice therapists. Some of our therapists are specially trained in areas like dry needling, blood flow restriction therapy and manual therapy. With all of the skills and knowledge within our team, our patients receive exceptional care.

Whether you are a new-grad or have years of experience in the field, Bronson is a great place to work. The support within the organization emphasizing learning and growth is amazing. In our daily work, we always have the ability to ask questions and gain insight from one another. When it comes to keeping up with continuing education requirements/CEUs, our experienced team members often lead courses for the rest of the team. We also have access to a platform that makes it easy to keep up with these requirements.

Our working environment is wonderful. Bronson South Haven’s PT department is a very stress-free place to be. In fact, I travel 75 minutes (each way) to work! I do this because of my colleagues – I truly enjoy being around them. It makes coming to work enjoyable, which is so important to me. The support from leadership is also great. We are supported in terms of clinical development, flexibility and work-life balance.

I am proud to be a part of Team Bronson and look forward to many more years in this rewarding career with an amazing team of physical therapists.

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