Our father’s last days

Terri Wolthuis, Family Member

My sister’s and I want to especially thank the staff on NVU that took care of our father in the last three months of his life. We had lost our mother in March of this year after 63 years of marriage to Parkinson’s Disease and heart failure. Our dad was diagnosed in June of this year with Amyloid Angiopathy after suffering a stroke. A seizure in July followed. He was admitted to NVU on both visits. The second visit we nearly lost him, but he made a come back and was transferred to Heritage Community for rehab for just over a month. He made good progress for what he had been through, along with fighting gout in his knee. He started going downhill the Thursday before Labor Day after finding he suffered another stroke, and was admitted once again to Bronson NVU on that following Monday. On Wednesday, seeing that his vitals were only getting worse, we decided to place him on “comfort care”. Rose Arbor didn’t have a room available at that time, so the NVU staff were wonderful enough to take care of him there. We lost him on September 11th. My sisters and I just want to thank some very special staff for the care that they provided. Brooke Schoudt, RN and Mike, PCA (Jerry Harris) were with him on his final days. They both also cared for him on a previous admittion. Some other very special staff members were Christine Nolan, RN, who had also taken care of our mother in January, Lynda Papendick, RN, Jayne Helton, RN, and Stephanie Horn, RN. We just can’t thank the staff enough for the genuine care and compassion they provided our father and our family!