Our entire family felt that she became one of us.

Anonymous, Patient

Carrie took care of my mother during two of the scariest days of her stay at Bronson. Our entire family felt that she became one of us. Not only did she give the best care I’ve ever seen to my mom – paying attention to every last detail to make sure that not only was she on track medically, but that her comfort level was top notch.

She was gentle with all of her adjustments, could read her lips better than anyone else while her breathing tube was in, and could tell by her behavior what needed to be addressed. Carrie took the time to also interact with and get to know us, and to ease our worries. The entire Bronson team involved in her care is responsible for her surviving this latest health crisis, but Carrie is the one who got mom and the rest of us through the roughest patch.

Mom could easily have died if her bowel perforated, but I believe God had a hand in protecting her until we could her where she needed to be, and God had a hand in having Carrie assigned to work those days, with mom as her patient. I regret that I did not get her last name, but I hope you can find her from the first name, unit worked and mom’s name.

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