Our community can count on us to provide the care they need.

Nancy Eaton, Employee

I am a pediatric transport nurse at Bronson Children’s Hospital. My job is to go with other members of our transport team to pick up young patients from regional hospitals who need the expert care of a children’s hospital. We provide care to the children from the moment we arrive, and can maintain care and provide needed medication or breathing treatments along the way before we arrive to the team awaiting us in the pediatric unit.

When we arrive at the outlying hospitals, parents are usually pretty stressed out about their child being sick or injured. We reassure them that we will take good care of them along the way and that we have a specially equipped ambulance to provide the right care. One of the parents is also invited to ride with the paramedic in the front of the ambulance, so that the child can hear a reassuring, familiar voice, and the parent can hear that the child is being taken care of. That way, the parent also arrives at the same time the patient and can talk with the doctor as soon as they arrive.

It’s exciting to have a new pediatric ambulance dedicated to the care of kids. It’s patient friendly on the inside, and it’s less intimidating to the patients and families.

I feel like I found my niche in nursing providing care to pediatric patients throughout the region. I can use my nursing judgement and skill to provide care to patients from South Haven, to St. Joseph, to Marshall and many other communities who rely on Bronson Children’s Hospital. It’s great to be part of a team that depends on each other –  from our physicians, to my fellow nurses, respiratory therapists,  and pediatric staff, we all trust each other. I’m proud of the exceptional care we are able to provide to our pediatric patients. I think our community can count on us to provide the care they need.


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