She received excellent care from Dr. Jason Roberts and his team

Nancy Diment, Family Member

My cousin, along with her sister and her sister’s husband stopped at my Vine neighborhood home for lunch on their way to visit family in Fruitport. My cousin missed the last step coming down from a tour of the second floor. We had to call EMTs to get her up and transported to Bronson Emergency. X-rays revealed a fractured femur with surgery on 10/21 by Dr. Roberts. The family was very impressed with all the contacts they had with hospital personnel. She received excellent care from friendly and concerned nurses, and therapists and follow-up with Dr. Roberts. There was some discussion about how she would be transported back to Ohio but with the therapist’s help in practicing the car transfers, she was able to safely go by car. As I am a Bronson patient myself, I was proud of the care and assistance she received!