One of our physician assistant’s did a great thing on a Saturday in July!

Ken Highhouse, MD, Provider

Alex Flach, PA-C, with the Spirit of Bronson Positivity Award

While tubing down a west Michigan river with physician assistant (PA) friends, this group encountered three young females in distress on the river just ahead of them. This individual immediately dove out of his tube to help and quickly noticed a person floating mostly underwater nearby.  This young girl was drowning.

Bill Manns, CEO, Bronson Healthcare, congratulates Alex for his heroic efforts.

After diving deep into the water and pulling her to the surface, they noticed immediately that she was blue in color and unresponsive.  They swam her over to the river’s edge and performed multiple rounds of CPR. 911 was called and soon thereafter the sheriff arrived and the PAs applied the AED.

They continued with CPR and then finally had success! The PAs carried her up the embankment and to the ambulance, which took her to a hospital, where she spent several days. The girl has made a full recovery and is at home now, enjoying the rest of her summer and the rest of her life.

Bronson Executives Martinson Arnan, MD, Laurel Barber, VP, and Bill Manns, CEO, showing their congratulations to Alex.

The PA who was involved in this rescue effort was Alex Flach.  Alex, we recognize your heroic actions on that day, and say thank you! It is because of providers like you that make our orthopedic and sports medicine team here are Bronson what it is!  Congratulations!