One Lucky Guy

David Linton, Patient

A relatively short story about Bronson and it’s people.


It started back in May of 1918 when Wayne Linton, my dad, was born at Bronson Hospital. I believe my grandfather may have worked there as he was a pharmacist and they lived one block from Bronson on Vine Street. This is the only thing that I don’t know for sure about our connections.

My future wife, Roxanne, was born at Bronson in February of 1953, along with her three siblings, our kids’ future aunts, and uncles. Their mother, of course, was a `1945 RN graduate of the Bronson School of Nursing. Our daughter, Leslie, was born at Bronson in June of 1986, and her sister, Kaiti, was born at Bronson in July of 1987.

Connections we have!

The Lucky Guy Part

In August of 1987, when Leslie was 13 months old and Kaiti was one month old, I somehow contracted a rare case of food poisoning. An ambulance trip and three days at Bronson saved me for my family.

Without Bronson, I would have missed my girls’ entire childhood and graduations from high school and college.

Flash forward to August 2011. After spending the day building a backyard fence in Leslie’s yard, Roxanne and I took our daily walk at home.

I felt some unexplained pressure in my back. Off to Bronson where Dr. Robert Williams and crew ballooned and stented away to save me once more.

November of 2013. While playing Sunday tennis at the Krum Center, between the 2nd and 3rd sets, I felt pressure in the front of my chest. Off to Bronson and Dr. Williams and crew to re-stent a failed one. Bronson’s third save.

What did I get to do become of those saves?

Walk both of my daughters down the aisle at their weddings. Dance the dance at their wedding and observe our girls become outstanding adults in every way a parent could wish for.

The most fun things I was here for that I would have missed were the births of five terrific grandchildren. Rowan, Quinn, Grace, Vivian and Jonah are the greatest kids ever! Of course, all are Bronson babies.

So, what’s next? July 2021. Indicators say something is up. Trip to Bronson emergency department. Results: inconclusive.

Trip to see Dr. David Schriemer, our outstanding and longtime GP. Dr. Schriemer pursued other possibilities and helped to confirm something more serious may be up. Referred to Dr. Gregor Blix. Dr. Blix checked various possibilities, determined that early-stage cancer in the right kidney was the problem.

Late August 2021. Dr. Blix and crew remove a cancerous kidney, for Bronson save #4.

What do I get to do? Continue to see our four big kids and watch their five little ones get older. What a terrific gift you have given me and my family.

I Did My Part

Where possible, I share my experiences with family and friends. Listen to your body, it will tell you when there is a problem. If you do this, the pros have a much better chance of making a save. In my four life-threatening situations, I listened.

Food poisoning – felt my extremities starting to shut down.

First heart attack – pressure in the back chest area.

Second heart attack – pressure in the front chest area.

Kidney cancer – blood in the urine.

So, a monster thank you to the Bronson family for all of its efforts for the Linton family over these many years – 1918-2021, and beyond.

Most sincerely,

One lucky guy!