Olivia received exemplary care each and every step of the way

Sarah Bilkey, Family Member

On Wednesday morning, November 29th, my 9 year old daughter experienced intense abdominal pain that was different than anything she had ever felt before. She described the pain to be much different than any other GI “bug,” she told me “it hurts really bad right here” and pointed to her right lower quadrant of her abdomen. My suspicions were heightened that she might have an appendicitis so I called her pediatrician at Bronson Rambling Road Pediatrics. They scheduled an appointment for that morning to see Olivia.

The pediatrician found Olivia’s symptoms concerning and she wanted further investigation, so she contacted Bronson Pediatric Surgery and Urology. They decided to see Olivia on the Pediatric floor and determine next steps. We met Dr. Leinwand on the third floor and before we knew it, Olivia was off to ultrasound and prepped for surgery to remove her appendix. The events listed above transpired in a less than 6 hours period of time. Even more, the thoroughness and excellence of each team member across the Bronson care continuum was seamless and Olivia received exemplary care each and every step of the way.

After surgery, we spent 6 days on the inpatient floor and continued to experience the exceptional care from each team member. Environmental Services, Child Life, Patient Care Assistants, Nursing, Medical Staff, Ultrasound technician, Surgical team, Volunteers, and Food Services, just to name a few, they all contributed to making our experience less frightening and demonstrated how much they cared for our entire family. I could tell that each team member was inspired by the work not only through the excellent clinical care delivered but because of the joy they brought into the care environment. Words fall short when attempting to express the depth of our gratitude for the care provided to Olivia. Thank you to each and every team member, we are eternally grateful.

Sarah is an employee at Bronson Healthcare.

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