Anyone who sees Dr. Peterson is in very good hands

Emily Romero, Patient

I have met Dr. Scott Peterson several times.  I am not sure if he would remember me, I don’t think I will ever be forgetting him though!!! Back in 2016, I was unfortunate enough to have some complications 10ish days after a C-section that another doctor performed. I ended up in the ER, and was lucky enough that Dr. Peterson was on call that day.  He saved my life.  It was just a wild ride, that whole ordeal was.  I was under anesthesia for a lot of it, however, I know he did a LOT of work on me to keep me here.  He ended up making the call to the IR team to come in after several other things were not working. Ultimately, he saved my life.  He saved my uterus too which was pretty cool!  When I woke up I was asking if I could have more kids… Probably seemed crazy after what had just gone on.  I am here for the 2 daughters I had at that time, thanks to Dr. Peterson, and have gone on to have 2 more babies, too.  I think about Dr. Peterson now and again, and have always wished I could thank him.  My husband has a lot of respect for Dr. Peterson ,too, and is thankful for him and what he did for us back then, and for a long time after that, was always talking about how awesome Dr. Peterson is. So thank you Dr. Peterson!  Anyone who sees Dr. Peterson is in very good hands.  On a lighter note, he has a great personality.  He is very friendly and easy to talk to.  Highly highly recommend!!!!!

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