Dr. Lomax is the absolute best

Brittany King, Patient

My husband and I tried for almost 2 years to have a child with 2 losses in that time period.  I was seeing a doctor that had basically written us off, stating that I just needed to lose weight.  I decided to switch to Carter O. Lomax Jr., MD after hearing such great things about him.  In the first 5 minutes, he stated that I had PCOS that I had never been diagnosed with before.  We started meds and the next month we were pregnant with our daughter.  Although I met with all the doctors during our pregnancy, Dr. Lomax followed us closely and I always felt that he was involved in our care.  When it came time for delivery, he was not the doctor on call that day but still, he called us the night before and checked in with us.  I continue to see him in planning for another child and I appreciate his friendly demeanor and his genuine involvement in my care.  I have always felt valued and heard.  His knowledge of PCOS has helped me turn my health around and I appreciate all his advice.  I would recommend him to absolutely anyone and everyone.  The whole practice is great, but Dr. Lomax is the absolute best.

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