Building strong teams and improving retention by investing in nurses’ growth

Gail Mercer, Employee

Photo of two Bronson nurses talking at a computer.

In 2019, nursing leaders set a goal to improve nurse recruitment and retention – particularly when it comes to recent graduates in their first year of nursing. This is a sub-group that tends to have a higher turnover rate then other, more experienced nurses. We know that new nurses need good mentorship. It is important that they have teammates who are willing to show them the ropes and provide insight on the best ways to grow in their career. These relationships provide a feeling of belonging for new nurses, and ensures departments function well.

Working toward this goal, members of our Clinical Informatics, Education Services and nursing operational teams partnered together to create a new “super preceptor program.” The goal was that this program would foster relationships between newer and more experienced nurses, and encourage teamwork within departments. The program focuses on documentation efficiency, looking for ways to help nurses feel capable and confident while charting. The super preceptor program and training resources were two components of a comprehensive program that contributed to a 10% reduction in first-year nurse turnover rate in a one-year period.

The program has been a success. Not only does it help us to better support our new nurses, it also serves as a great example of innovation, problem solving, and what it means to be a Bronson nurse!

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