Now people tell me to slow down and I love it.

Tammy Smith, Patient

Two short years ago (at the age of 47), I began my research for a doctor that I could see about knee replacements.  My research led me to Dr. Mark Russell at Bronson Orthopedics.  I made my appointment and went in to see him.  When the decision was made that knee replacement surgery was the way to go, Dr. Russell explained what I should expect during and after my surgery.  My knees were so bad he told me he didn’t know what my outcome would be.  I had four pages of questions for him and he sat and answered every single one without hesitation or acting like he had other patients to hurry up and see.

So, here I am two years later and my life has changed 110%. After having to wear two different braces and six months in physical therapy, I can finally say I am pain free.  I am able to do things now I would have never thought possible before.  I do cardio drumming twice a week.  I walk up and down stairs without pain.  Before my knee replacements, I could only walk as far as the nearest bench, my life was passing me by.

I can never thank Dr. Russell enough for helping me change my life.  Now people tell me to slow down and I love it.  So thank you Dr. Russell for everything!

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