Now I frequently go out with confidence and a well-controlled bladder!!

Nasreen Karim, Patient

I have been an incontinence patient for about two years now. From the very beginning, I was referred to Dr. Pamela Baron, my incontinence specialist.

I am 69 years old. Over a period of time, my over-active bladder got worse and I had the frequency and uncontrollable urgency to rush to the bathroom. I was referred to the Bronson Urology Department, where I attended bladder control exercises and had a urodynamic test done. But all throughout, my urinary urgency increased to a point where I just could not stop the urge and had to (embarrassed as I was) wear diapers continuously 24 hours a day.

While this was happening, I learned that my uterine wall and the bladder wall were dropping and on July 30, 2018, I underwent a hysterectomy surgery and bladder wall repair.

However, my urinary urgency and frequency increased after the surgery until I met with Dr. Baron on Oct 26, 2018 (first time after my surgery) and explained my situation. She, then, discussed the option with me of going in for a Botox procedure (which was scheduled for Nov. 21, 2018). But, before performing the Botox procedure, Dr. Baron suggested that I try out another medication (Toviaz), in addition to Myrbetric, that I was already taking (1 tab daily). If my scenario did not improve after taking Toviaz, then we were to proceed with the Botox procedure.

On Nov. 1, 2018, I suddenly realized that my frequency and the urgency to run to the bathroom, both dropped down. It was amazing, unbelievable… by the Grace of God, my over-active bladder symptoms reversed considerably. I was ecstatic!! I immediately requested an appointment with Dr. Baron and met with her on Nov. 16th, to tell her that I was able to control my urgency and the frequency and behave as a normal person. My Botox procedure was canceled.

I would like to thank Dr. Baron, most profoundly for being an excellent doctor, who has always been very understanding, helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

It has been almost a month since I started taking Toviaz and Myrbetric tablets together that my over-active bladder is under control and I have never had any side effects. There was a time when I shuddered going out of the house (because of my over-active bladder) and now I frequently go out with confidence and a well-controlled bladder!! With renewed thanks and sincere gratitude to Dr. Baron and her team, who looked after me excellently all through my association with them. God Bless.