No question, I would recommend Bronson in a heartbeat.

Jim Cox, Patient

In August 2015, Jim Cox was enjoying a nice day out on the lake when he jumped from his boat into the water to avoid hitting a dock. Unfortunately, the incident caused him to feel something strange near his hip; he assumed it was a minor groin injury. Later in September, while undergoing rehab following heart bypass surgery, the pain in his hip became more evident and was hindering his everyday activities.

“I had trouble walking and going up and down stairs,” said Jim. “At night the pain would be especially bad.” Jim knew it was time to visit his doctor.

Jim went in for an X-ray, which showed he had osteoarthritis. Luckily, his daughter-in-law works with Bronson Orthopedic Specialists in Marshall and helped him quickly schedule an appointment with Dr. Joseph Burkhardt. During his appointment, Jim learned that hip replacement surgery would be the best option to help relieve the pain. Hesitant, Jim tried to delay surgery, but the pain worsened and he knew it was time.

“Dr. Burkhardt is very knowledgeable and a real expert,” said Jim. “The day after surgery, the pain was gone. I was up and walking after 10 hours – it was a huge success for me.”

“The nursing staff was very courteous, attentive and made sure my wife and I knew what to expect.” Not only was Jim happy with the surgery’s success, but he was also very pleased with Bronson’s focus on infection prevention and cleanliness.  “It was pretty awesome to see the detail and effort Bronson puts into sanitation. You don’t see that level of commitment in many hospitals,” he explained.

A day after surgery, Jim was able to return home. He started his recovery using a walker and quickly progressed to using a cane for a few more days until he was walking completely on his own. “I was able to go up and down the stairs within a week,” Jim said. “I did the home exercises they taught me religiously to get stronger.”

Jim continued his rehab and his home exercises and after six weeks, he received the green light from Dr. Burkhardt and his rehab specialist to go back to doing the things he loves. That means enjoying his summer on the boat and spending time with his family.

“No question, I would recommend Bronson in a heartbeat,” said Jim. Because of his positive experience, Bronson’s focus on infection prevention and the courteous care he received, Jim encourages others with hip pain to not wait and make an appointment with Dr. Burkhardt.

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