No matter how busy she is, she always takes the time to GET TO KNOW her patients

Anonymous, Employee

a. It is with great honor and excitement that I nominate Amy Smith for the Hazel Latondress award for Compassion. Amy is an outstanding example of a compassionate nurse and consistently incorporates advocacy, comfort, caring, and empathy into her practice. Although I have many stories and examples of why Amy is a great candidate for this award, I have one example in particular, which made her stand out to me when picking a nominee for this award. I was working a shift with Amy one night and it was just an ordinary night on our unit. I hadn’t seen Amy in a while, and since I was the charge nurse on duty, I went into her rooms to see if she needed assistance. I found her in her patient’s room that was made comfort care status earlier that day. The family had left and the patient was alone for the majority of the evening. Amy was at the patient’s bedside, holding their hand, singing to the patient as they laid there comfortably and peacefully. No matter how busy our unit gets, Amy always takes the time to make sure that her patient’s needs are met, even if it’s just being present in the room. I couldn’t think of a better candidate for the Hazel Latondress award for Compassion than Amy.

b. I’m nominating Amy Smith for the Compassion point on the Nursing Philosophy Star. On any given shift Amy can be found in her patient’s rooms taking the extra time to really get to know her patients as people, not just a patient, a room number, or a diagnosis. Amy makes every attempt to keep and maintain an environment that is not only comfortable for the patient but also for any family member or visitor they may have, this is sometimes difficult to do in an ICU. When a recent patient had an uncomfortable prep for surgery, Amy stayed with them, explained every step they would take, and did her very best to keep that patient’s comfort and modesty in tact. This helped the patient to relax more and encouraged them to open up to Amy. Even though we work in a critical care unit and time isn’t always on our side, Amy makes sure his/her patients and their loved ones know they are being well cared and her compassion shines through every step of the way!

c. Amy Smith was floated to the Trauma Care Unit, and demonstrated an immense sense of compassion towards one of her patients that was uncomfortable and upset. While caring for her patient, Amy played music to help calm and comfort them, while listening to their needs and addressing them with kindness and understanding. I would love to have her care for my family members, or even myself.