She is a true leader that can get the ship through any storm

Anonymous, Employee

Photo of Nicole Sheldon as she accepts the Hazel Latondress Award.

Nicole Sheldon is someone that shows greatness in everything she does. I specifically choose to nominate her for the Hazel Latondress Leadership Award because I see all the staff turn to her for guidance and mentoring in a regular basis. She is experienced with various different levels of care, and it shows into her work not just with patients, but working alongside her fellow nurses and aides as well on the unit. About a year ago now is when the hospital was exhibiting the need for strong leadership on night shifts, so she flipped and took over as charge nurse to help out the unit and with staff. She has done this time and time again – stayed on nights to help out and guide those that look up to her for help and guidance, with what to do in various situations, and help with proper direction to follow in different instances. I do not have specifics, I just know and have observed countless co-workers show high appreciation towards her for all she is able to help with and guide them along the right path with their healthcare careers.

Nicole is someone that I, as well as many of us on the floor, look forward to working with on the daily. I have enjoyed planning events and team building with her as a part of the Nursing Council. We have fun organizing craft nights and events for the Nurses and Aides during their celebratory weeks together. She promotes a healthy work environment and makes you want to come to work to be her co-worker. There are not too many people that are like that, that you truly enjoy working with and are looked to as a true leader that can get the ship through any storm that comes our way.

Nicole Sheldon is a nurse on the oncology unit/C5 at  Bronson Battle Creek. She is the recipient of the Hazel Latondress Leadership Award, and was recognized during the 2022 Nursing Excellence Celebration.

Photo of Nicole Sheldon and her coworkers as she accepts the Hazel Latondress Award.