MyChart Bedside is Amazing

Dana Dent, Family Member

I just wanted to share how amazing the MyChart Bedside app is.  My mother was admitted to the ED followed by an overnight stay at BMH this past Monday night to Tuesday afternoon.  Mom had multiple labs drawn, imaging studies, and other miscellaneous procedures performed.  I was able to review her results in real-time without having to call the nurse for results/updates or bothering mom to see if she had “heard anything about the results of her ‘x’ procedure”.  After I left the ED when mom was getting admitted, I could check via MyChart Bedside to know exactly where she was and what the plan was for her each hour as well as who her Care Team Members were.  This was extremely helpful, and I was able to communicate the updates to my father immediately and my brother and sister-in-law who are currently out of the country.  Your hard work and effort do not go unnoticed and I cannot thank you enough for all that you do!  You guys already know I think you’re Rock Stars, 😉 but this just proves AGAIN just how amazing you are.

I thank you and my family thanks you!