My therapists have been outstanding in treating my knee

Tony Janda, Patient

I have been receiving physical therapy for a knee injury that happened in April 2019. My Therapy sessions have taken place mostly in Paw Paw, off of C.R. 665. My Therapists have been outstanding in treating My knee. They have never quit on Me, even when things looked like They did all They could. I kept coming back and They kept up Their efforts to help Me.

I’ve come a long way since the initial evaluation and only have praise for what They did and are still doing to make My life as normal as possible. I don’t think People get the praise They should get nowadays, for going above and beyond what They have to do. They truly care about Their patients and I cannot give Them enough credit. They are truly special and I will recommend the services of Bronson PT to all of My constituents. Please recognize These individuals for caring about others, especially at this time when caring means so much!

Thank You!

PS: My PT Specialists are:

  • Miranda Novak PT
  • Marlesa Johnson PT
  • Susan Anderson PTA

Sincerely and very thankful,

Tony Janda