We were blessed to have Danette taking care of us

Anonymous, Patient

Danette stands alone in her quality of care as a nurse in the step down unit. My son and I were blessed to have Danette taking care of us for many days. When we were there at the end of May through June, it was a busy time for the NICU. Most nurses had four babies to take care of on their shift including Danette – her care of my son never wavered in its excellence no matter how busy she was. Whenever she came in during care times she was always upbeat, thorough, caring, and helpful.

Any time I needed advice or had questions concerning my son, Danette had the answer. I have had a premie before, so I thought there was very little to learn, but I was wrong. Danette provided me with information that I did not know, and it was most helpful. At night when I would feel the most lonely, Danette always listened to my conversations and like an old friend kept the conversations going all the while giving exceptional care to my son.

Danette is a problem solver. Every time my son had some type of issue she would not stop until she figured it out.  From my son being a little “hot box”, the placements of his leads, and the placement of his feeding tube. She would not rest until she had resolved the issue. She would even tell me that she had gone home for the day and was thinking about my son and why x, y, and z were happening. Danette would come in the next day and try it, and the issue would be resolved.

Her attention to detail is outstanding! For example she makes sure all of her babies go through all the different head positions during her shift so they all have nice round heads. She has an ease about her with new moms and experienced mothers of three like myself. She not only takes wonderful care of the babies but of the whole family itself, all of the above reasons are why she deserves the DAISY Award.

Danette Mbithi, BSN, RN, is a nurse on the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Bronson Methodist Hospital. She is one of four nurses to be awarded the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses based on nominations received between April and June 2019. To nominate a Bronson nurse for the DAISY Award, visit bronsonthankanurse.com.