My pain and anxiety were finally taken seriously

Donna Cid, Patient

I have been sick since, that I can remember, the age of 9. During this time, I became addicted to opiates. I have been clean from recreational use for three years and yet there are times I need pain relief in the hospital. It feels I will never get rid of the stigma of being an addict and often suffer and am denied pain/ anxiety relief due to my past choices. This visit was different, although it wasn’t enough, I was given medication despite my past and for that I am truly thankful. The nurses didn’t treat me like a junkie as has happened in the past. My pain and anxiety were finally taken seriously and I honestly feel that is what kept me off the ventilator. This would have made me intubated. I can honestly say that Bronson Battle Creek finally has compassionate, empathetic, caring, non-judgmental staff. And that can be the difference between life and death. I am no longer afraid of the E.R., and will recommend this hospital to family and friends.