My nurse the day I was being induced was absolutely amazing

Samantha Whitehead , Patient

My nurse the day I was being induced was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better one. Everything was good all morning til that afternoon when the baby was having delayed reactions to the contractions and was getting enough blood flow from the placenta, at this point a C-section was a possibility. After they stripped my membranes and my water broke, my contractions were coming every 1-3 minutes but the baby’s heart rate was inline with the contractions. They had to place a FSE on the baby’s head and he was looking better than he did but not great, bows a greater chance of a C-section. I ended up getting an epidural done, my husband held my feet while my nurse held my hand and was rubbing my back trying to keep my calm. In a matter of minutes I went from a 5 to a 9 and had to put on a rebreather oxygen mask. Chase was finally born at 7:23pm. My nurse that day was truly amazing, she kept such a close eye on the baby because he kept going off the monitor and me, making sure that he was doing good. She did her absolute best to keep me calm in certain situations, holding my hand and rubbing my back during the epidural, rubbing my shoulder/back every time they had to flipped me around in the bed to get the baby back on the monitor. She was my nurse from when I arrived at 8am till shift change at 7pm but she stayed till the baby was born at 7:23pm. I am so happy that she got to see him be born and everything she did for us all day. I would definitely choose Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo again. Thank you again!

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