My life is back on track thanks to the positivity and care of the Bronson orthopedic team.

Nancy Jones, Patient

More than a decade ago, Nancy was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in one of her hips. Although she was initially able to manage the disease with physical therapy, the symptoms started to catch up with her.

First, Nancy noticed that she was having trouble standing. Then a few months later, she got up from a meeting at work and was unable to take a step. She wasn’t in extreme pain, but her joint was bothering her enough to make her wonder if the arthritis was getting worse.

When Nancy’s hip pain became more severe, she made an appointment with her rheumatologist Dr. Lakshmi Kocharla at Bronson Rheumatology Specialists. During the appointment, Dr. Kocharla recommended that she see an orthopedic specialist. Nancy immediately called Bronson Orthopedic & Joint Specialists and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Bruce Rowe. Nancy had been a patient of Dr. Rowe’s previously when she tripped and split her knee cap.

During the initial orthopedic consultation for her hip, Dr. Rowe took X-rays which revealed a significant amount of damage to the joint. He recommended that she get her hip replaced as soon as possible. That night, Nancy talked it over with her husband and they decided that hip replacement would indeed be the best option. Knowing that Nancy was close to retirement, they felt that the sooner she had a replaced healthy hip, the sooner they could get back to traveling and spending time with their active grandchildren.  The next day, Nancy called and scheduled her surgery.

To prepare for surgery, Nancy followed the instructions and exercises given to her by the staff at Bronson Orthopedic & Joint Specialists. She also participated in Bronson’s joint replacement class.

“I was nervous for surgery,” Nancy recalled. “But after the joint replacement class, I knew exactly what to expect. It boosted my confidence and confirmed that I was making the right decision for my hip and overall health.”

On May 12, 2015, Nancy arrived at Bronson Methodist Hospital for surgery. “I couldn’t have asked for a better environment to be in,” Nancy recalled.

Nancy was prepped, went into surgery and came out with a new hip. “Just two hours after waking up, I was walking around my hospital room,” she said. “The bedside nurses were very positive and encouraging. I couldn’t have done it without their support.”

The day after surgery, Nancy was able to return home and continue her recovery. With the help of her daughter, she was able take short walks around her home every hour to aid the healing process.

“The key was to keep moving,” said Nancy. “Dr. Rowe gave me exercises that helped me regain my strength. There were moments I doubted whether they were helping, but trust me— they made a world of difference.”

As the months went by, Nancy got stronger and stronger. In October, she was able to travel to Germany with her husband—something she would have never been able to do before the surgery. She was able to fly on an airplane, sit for an extended period of time and tour the country all without any pain.

Today, Nancy continues to remain active because of her new hip. She loves spending time with her five grandchildren and is excited to travel more and enjoy retirement with her husband.

“I’m glad I didn’t wait,” says Nancy. “My life is back on track thanks to the positivity and care of the Bronson orthopedic team.”

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